www.GunAdvantage.com,  Advantage Defense LLC Layaway Policy.

- Our Layaway program is a 90 day program. when setting up the plan a down payment of ¼ of the total layaway bill or 25% is required. Another ¼ or 25% of the total layaway bill is due within 30 days of initial plan setup. Then a follow up payment of ¼ or 25% of the total layaway bill 30 days after second payment is made, and a final Payment of ¼ or 25% of the total layaway bill 30 days after third payment. 

 - If payment schedule is not adhere to. A $5.00 Late payment fee will be added.

 - Customers have the right to cancel a layaway purchase plan within the 90 days of the initial set-up. A non-refundable fee of 25% of the total layaway bill or 25$ whichever is greater will be due at time of cancel and will be deducted from the deposited amount. Any remainder balance will be credited back to the card used to make payment or as a store credit. 

  - If layaway plan is not paid within the 90 days. There will be a grace period of 10 days (100 days after plan was set-up) before the product is return to inventory and any remainder balance will be held for another 10 more days (110 days after plan set-up). 

- If after 110 days after plan setup the customer cannot be contacted the account will be consider abandoned and any deposits will be considered forfeited. 

  - The customer cannot create new layaway contract until the prior one has been completely paid. 

  - Minimum balance to qualify for layaway plan has to be at least $200 but not greater than $2000. 

  - Customer wont receive any items until the total layaway plan has been paid. 

  - Customer agrees to these terms conditions upon making the first layaway payment when setting up the plan.

Set-up and manage Layaway plan

A customer can easily setup a layaway plan by following these steps:

- Customer must create and have a account with gunadvantage.com(create one for free by going to “my account” and “create account” in website) 

- Find and add to cart the items you wish to layaway. 

- clicks on “save for later” link just under the “proceed to checkout” button. 

- Email [email protected] letting us know you wish to have the items in your account be layaway. 

- Make the deposit payment by using the link provided 

- Done.! You have 90 days to complete your layaway plan. 

Manage your Layaway plan and stay current: 

- Upon setup of your Layaway plan, we will sent you three additional payment links ( payment coupon links) to the email the account was set up, with the dates on when each one is due . 

     o Please try to make payments on time to avoid late fee or forfeiture of the layaway contract. 

- Once all payments have been completed, we will complete and close the contract and you order will be shipped. 

- If you lose the link, feel free to reach out to use at [email protected] and we will resend them to you again. 

  o The due dates will not change when resending links.